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This page still pertains to UD version 1.

PART: particle

PART: particle


Particles are function words that must be associated with another word or phrase to impart meaning and that do not satisfy definitions of other universal parts of speech (e.g. adpositions ADP, coordinating conjunctions, subordinating conjunctions or auxiliary verbs). Particles may encode grammatical categories such as negation, mood, tense etc. Particles are normally not inflected, although exceptions may occur.

Hint: όχι” / *ochi “no/not” should be tagged as PART and Polarity=Neg if it is used like the English particle not, e.g., φέρε τον αναπτήρα, όχι τα σπίρτα / fere ton anaptira, ochi ta spirta “fetch the lighter, not the matches”. Όχι / ochi “no/not” is typically used as an interjection INTJ with Polarity=Neg.



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