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This page still pertains to UD version 1.

PART: particle

The following English words (only) are currently being treated as PART in English:

(This is a slightly motley list and we may still want to rethink this category for English….)

This covers PTB tags POS and some (old PTB style) or all uses of TO, and the subset of RB that is negation.

PART in other languages: [bej] [bg] [bm] [cs] [cy] [da] [el] [en] [ess] [et] [fi] [fr] [ga] [grc] [hu] [hy] [it] [ja] [kpv] [myv] [no] [pcm] [pt] [qpm] [ru] [sl] [sv] [tr] [tt] [uk] [u] [urj] [yue] [zh]