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This page pertains to UD version 2.

PART: particle


Particles are function words that must be associated with another word, phrase, or clause to impart meaning and that do not satisfy definitions of other universal parts of speech (such as ADP, AUX, CCONJ, or SCONJ).

In Cantonese, particles include the genitive/associative/relativizer/nominalizer marker 嘅 / ge3; 得 / dak1 and 到 / dou3 in V-得/到 extent/descriptive constructions (see compound:ext); the manner adverbializer 噉 / gam2; the “et cetera” marker 等(等) / dang2(dang2); sentence-final particles; the quantifiers 埋 / maai4 and 晒 / saai3; the adversative 親 / can1; and so on.


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