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This page pertains to UD version 2.

PRON: pronoun


Within the universal scheme, pronouns are words that substitute for nouns or noun phrases and whose meaning is recoverable from the linguistic or extralinguistic context. Pronouns under this definition function like nouns, which means that the term cannot be extended to words that substitute for adjectives or other POS categories, as is usually the case in Slovenian grammar. Instead, attributive pronouns are tagged as determiners.

It is not always crystal clear where pronouns end and determiners start. Rather than telling them apart on the base of individual context, the distinction between the two categories in Slovenian is made based on a pre-defined dictionary that takes into account a word’s typical syntactic distribution and morphology: pronominal words that typically occur in attributive positions are marked as DET (e.g. moj “my”, ta “this”, vsak “each”), whereas those typically occuring as substantives are marked as PRON (e.g. jaz “me”, kdo “who”, kar “which”).


Conversion from JOS

The PRON category has been assigned to JOS pronouns from a pre-defined list of lemmas. This list includes pronouns occurring in the ssj500k corpus and/or the Sloleks morphological lexicon with a manually confirmed predominant substantive usage.

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