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This page pertains to UD version 2.

PRON: pronoun

Personal pronouns

Welsh personal pronouns come in two series: an independent series and a so-called dependent series. The independent pronouns are used in subject positions and as reduplications in possessive constructions. Prepositions are also used with the independent pronouns The dependent pronouns are used in object positions and as possessive pronouns.

Person/Numer/Gender independent dependent independent emphatic
1 Sing i, mi, fi fy, f’, ‘m minnau
2 Sing ti dy, d’, ‘th tithau
3 Sing Masc e(f), o ei, ‘i yntau
3 Sing Fem hi ei, ‘i hithau
1 Plur ni ein, ‘n ninnau
2 Plur chi eich, ‘ch chwithau
3 Plur hwy, nhw eu, ‘u, ‘w hwythau, hwyntau

Demonstrative pronouns

Number/Gender demonstratives
Sing, Masc hwn, hwnnw
Sing, Fem hon, honno
Plur hyn, hynny

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