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This page still pertains to UD version 1.

PRON: pronoun


A pronoun is in Ancient Greek a word standing for a noun or a NP (and, like nouns, it inflects for gender, number, and case). It is to be noted that in Ancient Greek traditional grammars, as well as in other frameworks for other languages, the term (pro-)noun covers a class of words used as both nouns and adjectives. Following the UD guidelines, the label PRON is employed only for pronouns standing for nouns only. When they are used as adjectives, they are labeled in UD as DET.

A list for Ancient Greek pronouns can be found in Smyth 1920: 90-98.



Smyth, Herbert Weir. 1920. A Greek Grammar for Colleges. New York: American Book Company (Perseus Digital Library; Internet Archive).

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