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This page pertains to UD version 2.

cop: copula

A copula is the relation between the complement of a copular verb and the copular verb a fi (only). (We normally take a copula as a dependent of its complement.)

Maria este fericită . \n Maria is happy .
cop(fericită, este)

All other copula verbs are heads of clauses and their complements are in xcomp relation to them:

Maria a devenit designer . \n Mary has become designer .
xcomp(devenit, designer)

When the copula verb has auxiliaries, they are also dependents of the lexical predicate:

Maria va fi campioană . \n Mary will be champion .
cop(campioană, fi)
aux(campioană, va)

When the complement of the copula verb a fi is a clause, the copula is the head, and the subordinate clause is in ccomp relation with it:

ROOT Noi suntem cum ne știi . \n We are how us know-you .
root(ROOT, suntem)
ccomp(suntem, știi)

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