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This page pertains to UD version 2.

cop: copula

The dependency type cop is reserved for a copular auxiliary だ / da. The auxiliary typically follows a noun phrase to form a copular clause. A postpositional phrase with a nominative case is commonly needed to complete sentence.

For example, dependencies for 太郎 は 学生 だ 。/ Taro ha gakusei da “Taro is a student.” are as follows.

太郎 は 学生 だ 。 \n Taro TOPIC student COPULA .
nsubj(学生, 太郎)
case(太郎, は)
cop(学生, だ)
punct(学生, 。)

Note that we treat the auxiliary だ / da after adjectives as aux. Therefore dependencies for さくら が きれい だ 。 / sakura ga kirei da “The cherry blossoms are beautiful.” do not include the `cop’ relation.

さくら が きれい だ 。 \n cherry_blossoms NOM beautiful AUX .
nsubj(きれい, さくら)
case(さくら, が)
aux(きれい, だ)
punct(きれい, 。)

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