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This page pertains to UD version 2.

cop: copula

A cop (copula) is the relation of a function word used to link a subject to a nonverbal predicate. UD generally only annotates forms of “to be” as cop, which in German would be the forms of the verb “sein”. More about copula in UD can be found on the main documentation page for cop or here.

Er ist ein guter Student . \n He is a good student .
cop(Student, ist)
cop(student, is)
Alles wird besser sein . \n Everything will be better .
aux(besser, wird)
cop(besser, sein)
aux(better, will)
cop(better, be)

Note that the verbs sein and werden can be also used as full verbs. Examples for that case can be found under the nsubj relation.

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