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This page pertains to UD version 2.

cop: copula

The cop relation is used with copulative verbs. The main difference between the general UD schema and the Basque annotation follows form the fact that English to be corresponds to several in Basque verbs. More precisely, izan (to be), egon (to be), ukan (to have), geratu (to stay keep), ibili (to be).

Eizagirre izan zen onena Galarretan .

Eizagirre was the best one in Galarreta .

Eizagirre izan zen onena Galarretan . \n Eizagirre was one_best_the Galarreta_in .

nsubj(onena-4, Eizagirre-1)
cop(onena-4, izan-2)
aux(onena-4, zen-3)
nmod(onena-4, Galarretan-5)
punct(onena-4, .-6)

Beti ito beldur nabil .

I am always scared to drown .

Beti ito beldur nabil . \n always to_drown scared I_am.

advmod(nabil-4, Beti-1)
advcl(nabil-4, ito-2)
cop(beldur-3, nabil-4)
punct(beldur-3, .-5)

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