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This page pertains to UD version 2.

acl:relcl: relative clause modifier

The acl:relcl relation is used in all French corpora for relative clauses modifying a nominal. The relation points from the head of the nominal to the head of the relative clause.

J'ai vu l' homme qui t' aime \n I saw the man who loves you
acl:relcl(homme, aime)
nsubj(aime, qui)
obj(aime, t')

Some examples from UD_French-Spoken:

j'ai eu envie d' être un intellectuel qui marque son temps \n I wanted to be an intellectual who marks his time
acl:relcl(intellectuel, marque)
nsubj(marque, qui)
est-ce que vous avez des enseignants dont vous vous souvenez particulièrement \n do you have teachers of whom you have a strong memory

N.B.: For cleft sentences, the advcl:cleft subrelation is used in most French corpora.

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