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This page pertains to UD version 2.

acl:relcl: relative clause modifier

A relative clause modifier of a nominal is a clause that modifies the nominal, whereas the nominal is coreferential with a constituent inside the relative clause (here the constituent may be realized as a relative pronoun, another relative word, or it may not be overtly realized at all). The acl:relcl relation points from the head of the modified nominal to the head of the relative clause.

Depending on language, it may be required that relative clauses are finite. For example, English non-finite clauses are traditionally not termed relative; therefore, the girl that was born today is a relative clause because it is finite, while the girl born today is non-finite (the participle is not accompanied by a finite auxiliary) and it uses the plain acl relation. In other languages however, the distinction between finite and non-finite clauses may not exist or may not be used as a criterion for relative clauses.

I saw the man you love
acl:relcl(man, love)
I saw the book which you bought
acl:relcl(book, bought)

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