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This page pertains to UD version 2.

VERB: verb


A verb is a member of the syntactic class of words that typically signal events and actions, can constitute a minimal predicate in a clause, and govern the number and types of other constituents which may occur in the clause. Verbs are often associated with grammatical categories like tense, mood, aspect and voice, which can either be expressed inflectionally or using auxilliary verbs or particles.

In Slovenian, the VERB tag covers all verbs, except for the auxiliary verb biti “to be” when it is used as a copula or auxiliary verb (tagged as AUX).

Word forms that etymologically derive from verbs, but have different syntactic properties, such as adjectival participles (ukraden “stolen”, pokrit “covered”), transgressives (upoštevaje “taking into account”, začenši “starting”) and gerunds (govorjenje “speaking”, zavrnitev “rejection”, gretje “heating”), are marked as adjectives, adverbs or nouns respectively.


Conversion from JOS

All verbs with Type=main have been converted to VERB. In addition, some instances of verb biti with Type=auxiliary have also been converted to VERB based on pre-existing syntactic annotations, heuristics and manual disambiguation.

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