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This page pertains to UD version 2.

ADJ: adjective


Adjectives are words that typically modify nouns and specify their properties or attributes. Adjectives in Slovenian normally agree in gender, case and number with the noun they modify (both in attributive and predicative position), e.g. velik škandal “a big scandal” (masculine nominative singular), v velikih podjetjih “in big companies” (neuter locative plural) and Ponudba je velika. “The offer is big.” (feminine nominative singular).

In accordance with the universal description of ADJ, some words that have traditionally been categorized as numerals in Slovenian are also treated as adjectives, as they display similar morphological and syntactic properties. These include ordinal written numerals (e.g. prvi “the first”, drugi “the second”, tretji, “the third”) and tuples (e.g. enojen “single”, dvojen “double”, trojen “triple”).

In the same way, all adjectival participles are classified as adjectives, regardless of whether they are used as attributes (e.g. prepovedane substance “forbidden substances”), in copula constructions (e.g. kajenje je prepovedano “smoking is forbidden”) or in passive constructions (e.g. to ji je bilo prepovedano “it was forbidden to her”).


Conversion from JOS

All adjectives are converted to ADJ. In addition to that, some numerals also become ADJ, namely: numerals with Form=letter and Type=ordinal; numeral with Form=letter, Type=pronominal and lemma drug; numerals with Form=letter, Type=special and lemma ending in -en.

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