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This page pertains to UD version 2.

VERB: verb

#####Definition A verb is a member of the syntactic class of words that typically signal events and actions, can constitute a minimal predicate in a clause, and govern the number and types of other constituents which may occur in the clause. Note that the VERB tag covers main verbs (content verbs), but it does not cover auxiliary verbs and the copula, for which there is the AUX tag.

In Norwegian, modal verbs occurring alone, as in skal hjem lit. shall home “will go home” are tagged as VERB, but otherwise they will be AUX. Participles are annotated as verbs when they occur with auxiliaries ha “have”, “get” or a modal auxiliary. When the participle occurs with the copula or bli “become” or follows a head noun, the participle may be either adjective or verb (for syntactic tests to determine these cases, see Kinn et. al.).


#####References Kari Kinn, Per Erik Solberg and Pål Kristian Eriksen. “NDT Guidelines for Morphological Annotation”. National Library Tech Report.

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