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This page pertains to UD version 2.

xcomp: open clausal complement

An open clausal complement (xcomp) of a verb or an adjective is a predicative or clausal complement without its own subject. The reference of the subject is necessarily determined by an argument external to the xcomp. This is often referred to as obligatory control.

In Norwegian xcomp is used for infinitival clauses

Han har tidligere lovet å vende tilbake \n He has previously promised to return

This relation is also used for cases of obligatory secondary predication

presidentens ambisiøse helseplan kjørte seg fullstendig fast \n the president's ambitious health plan got completely stuck

xcomp is also used for copula-like verbs such as bli “become”, kalle “call”, hete “named” in Norwegian.

Mennesket kan bli edelt \n Man can become noble

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