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This page pertains to UD version 2.

xcomp: open clausal complement

The dependency type xcomp is reserved for clausal complements which have an external subject, that is, whose subject is shared with the complemented verb (a phenomenon also known as subject control). Note that the subject of the complementing clause must be the subject of the complemented verb, not any other sentence element.

Ол Азаматты табуға әрекет етіп жүр . \n She Azamat finding activity doing is .
xcomp(етіп-5, табуға-3)
nsubj(етіп-5, Ол-1)
obj(табуға-3, Азаматты-2)

Note: The existence of xcomp is uncertain in Kazakh, the vast majority of clausal complements are not controlled and should get ccomp instead.

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