Universal Dependencies

obl: oblique argument or adjunct

The obl relation is used for oblique nominal arguments and adjuncts of verbs, adjectives or adverbs. The obl relation is further specified by the Case feature or case relation. Typically, argument with non-accusative case marking are obl.

Jurnalni samolyotda o‘qidim \n I read the magazin on the plane
obl(ko‘rdim, osmonda)
Jurnalni ko’zoynak bilan o’qidim \n  I read the book with glasses
obl(o’qidim, ko’zoynak bilan)
Jurnalni qiziqishdan o’qidim \n   I read the book out of curiosity
obl(o’qidim, qiziqishdan)
Jurnalni do’stlarimga o’qidim \n   I read the book to the my friend
obl(o’qidim, do’stlarimga)