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This page pertains to UD version 2.

obl: oblique nominal

The relation obl is used for nominal phrases which are not a core argument of the predicate.

In Guajajara, the oblique nominal appears generally with a case-marker, be it a postposition or a suffix.

Uzekok ɨwɨok rehe . \n He leaned against the wall .
3-lean wall against
obl:subj(uzekok, ɨwɨok)

Less frequently, nominalized elements with the circumstantial nominalizer may be used as oblique nominals.

Anɨra zanexiʔu pɨhaw aʔe . \n Bats bite us at night .
Bats 1.Pl.In-bite night particle
obl:subj(zanexiʔu, pɨhaw)

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