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This page pertains to UD version 2.

dislocated: dislocated elements

The dislocated relation is used for fronted or postposed elements that do not fulfill the usual core grammatical relations of a sentence. These elements often appear to be in the periphery of the sentence, and may be separated off with a comma intonation.

Following UD general guidelines, the dislocated element attaches to the head of the clause to which it belongs (although this does not allow recovering what is dislocated).

Ali ki hızlı okur, o bile kitabı bitiremedi . \n Ali, who is a fast reader, even he could not finish the book .
dislocated(bitiremedi, Ali)
nsubj(bitiremedi, o)
Bir öğrenci ki yazım kurallarına dikkat etmez, ben onu dersten geçirmem . \n A student who does not pay attention to the spelling, I do not allow him/her to pass the course .
obj(geçirmem, onu)
dislocated(geçirmem, öğrenci)

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