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This page pertains to UD version 2.

dislocated: dislocated elements

The dislocated relation is used for fronted or postposed elements that do not fulfil the usual core grammatical relations of a sentence. Dislocated elements are attached to the same governor as the dependent that they double for.

This construction is quite frequent in spoken French.

Pierre je ne l' aime pas beaucoup  \n Peter I don't like him much
dislocated(aime, Pierre)
obj(aime, l')

Here are some examples from UD_French-Spoken:

lui il avait passé les quatres nuits ou trois nuits à ramper dans les décombres \n He had spent the four nights or three nights crawling in the rubble
dislocated(passé, lui)
nsubj(passé, il)
c' est déjà arrivé ça \n  it's already happened
dislocated(arrivé, ça)
nsubj(arrivé, c')
ces rails du tram eh ben je vais les longer \n these tram rails well I'm gonna walk along them
dislocated(longer, rails)
obj(longer, les)

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