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This page pertains to UD version 2.

dislocated: dislocated elements

The dislocated relation is used for fronted or postposed elements that do not fulfill the usual core grammatical relations of a sentence. Dislocated elements are attached to the same governor as the dependent that they double for.

Peter , honom gillar jag inte \n Peter, I don't like him
dislocated(gillar, Peter)
obj(gillar, honom)

In addition, the dislocated relation is used for the focus element in a cleft sentence. This is a slight abuse of the relation, because the focus element is not a dislocated dependent of its syntactic head, but rather of the predicate in the relative clause making up the second part of the cleft construction.

Det var Peter som gjorde det \n It was Peter who did it
dislocated(var, Peter)
expl(var, Det)
acl:relcl(Peter, gjorde)
nsubj(gjorde, som)
obj(gjorde, det)

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