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This page pertains to UD version 2.

dislocated: dislocated elements

The dislocated relation is used for fronted or postposed elements that do not fulfill the usual core grammatical relations of a sentence. In Italian we use this relation in cases of clitic doubling, by considering the clitic pronoun as the core argument of the predicate and the lexical element (be it fronted or postposed) as the dislocated item of the same predicate.

Wojtyla non l' avevo mai sentito parlare così . 
obj(sentito, l')
dislocated(sentito, Wojtyla)
l' occasione propizia glie l' ha offerta Alija Izetbegovic
det(occasione, l'-1)
obj(offerta, l'-5)
dislocated(offerta, occasione)
nsubj(offerta, Alija)
li abbiamo cacciati già i fascisti
obj(cacciati, li)
dislocated(cacciati, fascisti)

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