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This page pertains to UD version 2.

compound: compound

The compound relation is used in Swedish Sign Language for compounds that are separated in the annotations (some phonologically merged compounds are annotated as a single unit) and therefore written as two (or more) separate words. This includes instances of nominal compounds, but also units of nominal and classifier-type elements for which the classifier is the head. The subtype compound:prt is used for verb particles in phrasal verbs, and compound:svc for serial verb constructions.

VIKTIG DÖV(L) FÖRENING POSS VERKSAMHET(J)^HET@b TYCKA PRO1 \n The Deaf club's work is important, I think
compound(FÖRENING, DÖV(L))
GLAS FORM(YYb)+UTSTRÄCKNING@p TRASIG ENTITET(SS)+FÖRFLYTTA@p>huvud \n The glass jar broke on top of its head

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