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This page pertains to UD version 2.

compound: compound

compound in Italian is used for noun compounds and numbers (e.g. numbers expressed alphabetically). compound is not used to mark only traditional compounds, but also terms that frequently appear together, words juxtaposed or separated by graphical signs (like “-“).

gli uffici leva
compound(uffici, leva)
il campo profughi
compound(profughi, campo)
la data limite
compound(data, limite)
tra donne deputate
compound(donne, deputate)
la parola chiave
compound(parola, chiave)
l' indirizzo e-mail
compound(indirizzo, e-mail)
Oggi la 10 km donne
compound(km, donne)
det(km, la)
nummod(km, 10)
200 mila
compound(mila, 200)
Centro - destra
compound(Centro, destra)
punct(Centro, -)

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