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This page pertains to UD version 2.

compound: compound

compound is used for:

phone book
compound(book, phone)
oil price futures
compound(price, oil)
compound(futures, price)

This includes proper names that use regular syntactic relations—contrast with flat:

Wall Street
compound(Street, Wall)
Natural Resources Conservation Service
amod(Resources-2, Natural-1)
compound(Conservation-3, Resources-2)
compound(Service-4, Conservation-3)
I have four thousand sheep
compound(thousand, four)
I won a $ 3.2 billion grant
compound(grant, $)
nummod($, billion)
compound(billion, 3.2)
a medium - large company
amod (company, large)
compound(large, medium)
punct(large, -)
a self - driven research strategy
compound(strategy, research)
amod(strategy, driven)
compound(driven, self)
punct(driven, -)
She just made up the answer .
compound:prt(made, up)

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