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This page pertains to UD version 2.

compound: compound

compound is one of the three UD relations UD for compounding, together with fixed and flat.

UD Finnish additionally defines two subtypes of compound, compound:nn for noun compounds and compound:prt for phrasal verb particles. As the other UD types and the UD Finnish subtypes cover most cases of compounding, only few cases are annotated specifically as compound.

Numerical expressions consisting of multiple tokens are annotated using the compound dependency type. The last word of the numerical expression is the governor, and the number dependencies are chained.

(These relations are annotated number in TDT.)

Poikasia on yleensä 3 - 5 . \n Youngsters are usually 3 to 5 .
nsubj:cop(5-6, Poikasia-1)
cop(5-6, on-2)
advmod(5-6, yleensä-3)
compound(--5, 3-4)
compound(5-6, --5)
punct(5-6, .-7)

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