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This page pertains to UD version 2.

Tense: tense

Tense is an inflectional feature of verbs and auxiliaries that specifies the time when the action took / takes / will take place, in relation to the current moment or to another action in the utterance. In Slovenian, only Present tense and Future tense can be expressed morphologically, while past tense is formed syntactically, by a combination of a present auxiliary verb biti “to be” and past participle (l-participle), e.g. sem šel “I went”.

Pres: present tense

The present tense denotes actions that are happening right now or that usually happen.


Fut: future tense

The future tense denotes actions that will happen after the current moment. Simmilarly to past tense, future tense for most Slovenian verbs is formed by a combination of future auxiliary verb biti “to be “ and l-participle (bom hodil “I will walk”). Thus, the Tense=Fut feature is only to biti that can either be used as a content or auxiliary verb.


Conversion from JOS

All verbs with VForm=present are converted to UD Tense=Pres and all verbs with VForm=future are converted to UD Ťense=Fut. We do not assign tense to other verb forms, such as participle, infinitive, supine, conditional and imperative.

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