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This page pertains to UD version 2.

Tense: tense

In English, Tense is a feature of verbs that specifies the time when the action took / takes / will take place, in relation to the current moment or to another action in the utterance.

Some English tenses are a combination of tense and aspect. But as the aspect always depends on the tense we mark (verbs)[en-pos/VERB] only with the tense feature.

Pres: present tense

The present tense denotes actions that are happening right now or that usually happen. All verbs with the PTB tag VBP or VBZ have this feature. Subjunctives with the PTB tag VB also have this feature.


Past: past tense

The past tense denotes actions that happened before the current moment. All verbs with the PTB tag VBD and VBN have this feature.


Note that the pluperfect and future tenses in English are constructed periphrastically. For example, I had been there is past perfect (pluperfect) tense, formed periphrastically by the simple past tense of the auxiliary to have and the past participle of the main verb to be. The auxiliary will be tagged VerbForm=Fin|Mood=Ind|Tense=Past and the participle will have VerbForm=Part|Tense=Past; none of the two will have Tense=Pqp.

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