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This page pertains to UD version 2.

Tense: tense


Tense is a feature that specifies the time when the action took / takes / will take place, in relation to the current moment or to another action in the utterance.

Pomak verbal forms convey both tense and aspect information, therefore a complete description would specify both Tense and Aspect features.

In Aspect the pairs Aspect=Prog|Tense=Past and Aspect=Iter|Tense=Past were introduced to describe the fact that Pomak views iterations of events in the past either by focussing on their progressive nature or on the telic nature of each or the events in the iteration. Τhis description diverges from the one adopted by other Slavic languages (Bulgarian, Kroatian).

For the description of the present and the simple past tense of Pomak, the pairs Aspect=Imp|Tense=Pres, Aspect=Imp|Tense=Past are used for the imperfective forms and the pairs Aspect=Perf|Tense=Pres, Aspect=Perf|Tense=Past for the perfective ones respectively.

Past: past tense / preterite / aorist

The past tense denotes actions that happened before the current moment.






Pres: present tense

The present tense denotes actions that are happening right now and are crossing the moment of speaking, or actions that usually happen.




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