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This page still pertains to UD version 1.

Tense: tense


Tense feature matches the inflectional endings in verbs. Sometimes the suffix for tense-aspect-mood can be one together, in these cases all features can be used. Tense is a feature that specifies the time when the action took / takes / will take place, in relation to the current moment or to another action in the utterance. In Uralic grammars there have been various practices in refering to present/future tense and past/preterite tense, in Universal dependencies we use Pres for common non-past and Past for common past, unless language has more complex tense system.

Pres: Present tense

Present tense is used for events happening in the current time. In many Uralic languages used in future constructions as well.

Present examples

# sentence-text: Vernan sienisalaatti syntyy näin:
1       Vernan  Verna   PROPN   N       Case=Gen|Number=Sing    2       nmod:poss       _       _
2       sienisalaatti   sieni#salaatti  NOUN    N       Case=Nom|Number=Sing    3       nsubj   _       _
3       syntyy  syntyä  VERB    V       Mood=Ind|Number=Sing|Person=3|Tense=Pres|VerbForm=Fin|Voice=Act 0       root
    _       _
4       näin    näin    ADV     Adv     _       3       advmod  _       SpaceAfter=No

Past: Past or preterite tense

Past tense is used for events happening in the passed time.

Present examples

# sentence-text: Sain näytön kuitenkin toimimaan, kuten videosta näkyy.
1       Sain    saada   VERB    V       Mood=Ind|Number=Sing|Person=1|Tense=Past|VerbForm=Fin|Voice=Act 0       root
    _       _
2       näytön  näyttö  NOUN    N       Case=Gen|Number=Sing    4       nsubj   _       _
3       kuitenkin       kuitenkin       ADV     Adv     _       1       advmod  _       _
4       toimimaan       toimia  VERB    V       Case=Ill|InfForm=3|Number=Sing|VerbForm=Inf|Voice=Act   1       xcomp:ds        _       SpaceAfter=No
5       ,       ,       PUNCT   Punct   _       8       punct   _       _
6       kuten   kuten   SCONJ   C       _       8       mark    _       _
7       videosta        video   NOUN    N       Case=Ela|Number=Sing    8       nmod    _       _
8       näkyy   näkyä   VERB    V       Mood=Ind|Number=Sing|Person=3|Tense=Pres|VerbForm=Fin|Voice=Act 1       advcl
   _       SpaceAfter=No
9       .       .       PUNCT   Punct   _       1       punct   _       _

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