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This page pertains to UD version 2.

Tense: tense

Tense is a feature that specifies the time when the action took / takes / will take place, in relation to the current moment or to another action in the utterance.

Past: past tense

The past tense denotes actions that happened before the current moment. Past tense in Czech consists of the past participle (also called active participle or l-participle), which is accompanied by a present auxiliary verb in the first and second persons, and stands alone in the third person.

The auxiliary (if any) is in its present form, so it will have Tense=Pres. The participle has Tense=Past, even though it can also be used to form present conditional.


Pres: present tense

The present tense denotes actions that are happening right now or that usually happen.

Note that morphologically present forms of perfective verbs have actually a future meaning but they will still be marked Tense=Pres.


Fut: future tense

The future tense denotes actions that will happen after the current moment. Future tense in Russian is formed in one of three ways, depending of the verb:


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