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This page pertains to UD version 2.

root: root

The root relation, which can be ascribed to only one token in each sentence, is used for the root of the sentence. This is usually the head of the predicate of the main clause in the sentence.

ROOT Lastnika je oškodoval za 30 tisočakov . \n ROOT For the owner aux-PAST he-caused-financial-damage of 30 thousand .
ROOT To je bilo značilno za pokrajine daleč od morja \n ROOT This aux-PAST was characteristic of regions far-away from the-sea

In the case of an ellipse of the main verb, the root relation is applied to the head of the most appropriate argument of the omitted predicate.

ROOT Večno hvaležni udeleženci prometa v Ljubljani ! \n ROOT The-ever thankful road-users in-traffic in Ljubljana !

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