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This page pertains to UD version 2.

root: root

The root grammatical relation points to the root of the sentence. A fake node “ROOT” is used as the governor. The ROOT node is indexed with “0”, since the indexation of real words in the sentence starts at 1.

ROOT Менин машинам бар . \n I have a car.
root(ROOT, бар)
ROOT Тазалык жумушчуларды издейт. \n Cleanliness seeks workers.
root(ROOT, издейт)
ROOT Ошто дайынсыз болуп жаткан 24 жаштагы Гаухар изделүүдө. \n 24-year-old Gauhar, who is missing in Osh, is being sought.
root(ROOT, изделүүдө)

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