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This page pertains to UD version 2.

root: root

The root grammatical relation points to the root of the sentence, so there’s only one root for each sentence. In Italian the root is usually a verbal predicate, unless we are analysing a nominal phrase, where the root is a noun.

ROOT Alcune chiamate partirono/VERB da il Quirinale .
root(ROOT, partirono)
ROOT Questa ricchezza è tutta apparenza/NOUN .
root(ROOT, apparenza)
cop(apparenza, è)
ROOT Ecco l' arringa/NOUN di Tiziana Maiolo .
root(ROOT, arringa)

If the main predicate is not present due to ellipsis and there are multiple orphaned dependents, the leftmost dependent should be promoted to the head (root) position and the other orphans should be attached to it.

ROOT Sorpresa/NOUN in la sorpresa .
root(ROOT, Sorpresa)
nmod(Sorpresa, sorpresa)
punct(Sorpresa, .)

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