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This page pertains to UD version 2.

Voice: voice

Values: Pass

Voice is a feature of verbs that helps map the traditional syntactic functions, such as subject and object, to semantic roles, such as agent and patient.

Pass: passive voice

The subject of the verb is affected by the action (patient).

In Kyrgyz a (transitive) verb may get two passive affixes (see below), and intransitive verb may also be passivized.

Similarly a single passive affix on an intransitive verb also indicates impersonal passive. The verb’s valency is reduced to zero with impersonal passives constructions, the verb cannot have a subject.


Cau: causative voice

In causative constructions the subject is the entity “causing” the action. It generally translate to English as ‘cause/make/have/let/allow’ someone to perform action described by the main verb.


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