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This page pertains to UD version 2.

Voice: voice


For Indo-European speakers, voice means mainly the active-passive distinction. In other languages, other shades of verb meaning are categorized as voice.

In Bulgarian linguistics there are various theories of Voice distinctions: 2-voice one (active vs. passive), 3-voice one (active vs. passive vs. reflexive), 4-voice one(active vs. passive vs. reflexive vs. impersonal).

Here the 2-voice theory is adopted.

Act: active voice

The subject of the verb is the doer of the action (agent), the object is affected by the action (pacient).


Pass: passive voice

The subject of the verb is affected by the action (patient). The doer (agent) is either unexpressed or it appears as an object of the verb. In Bulgarian there are two ways of forming passive:


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