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This page pertains to UD version 2.

obj: direct object

The direct object of a verb (obj) is the second most core argument of a verb after the subject. Typically, it is the noun phrase that denotes the entity acted upon or which undergoes a change of state or motion (the proto-patient). In Georgian a direct object is a nominal which is the (nominative or dative) object of the verbal predicate. E.g.

მზე ჩასვლის წინ ღრუბლებს ფარავს. \n 'The sun covers the clouds before sunset.'
obj(ფარავს, ღრუბლებს)
დანარჩენებისთვისაც შემოიტანეს სკამები. \n 'Chairs were also brought for the rest.'
obj(შემოიტანეს, სკამები)

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