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This page pertains to UD version 2.

obj: direct object

The dependency type obj is used for (nominal) direct objects of the verb.

Hän sulki oven . \n He closed the_door .
nsubj(sulki-2, Hän-1)
obj(sulki-2, oven-3)
punct(sulki-2, .-4)

As in Finnish a passive clause does not have a subject, and what in English would be considered the passive subject, is in Finnish the direct object, the type nsubjpass is not used in TDT, but the type obj is used instead.

Päätös tehtiin marraskuussa . \n The_decision was_made in_November .
obj(tehtiin-2, Päätös-1)
nmod(tehtiin-2, marraskuussa-3)
punct(tehtiin-2, .-4)

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