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This page pertains to UD version 2.

orphan: remnant in ellipsis

The orphan relation is used to analyze cases of ellipsis where there is no function word that can be promoted to take the place of the elided content word. For a full discussion of its use, see the universal dependency description (u-dep/orphan).

Currently this construction is not correctly annotated in the French treebank.

Marie a été à Paris et Miriam à Prague \n Marie went to Paris and Miriam to Prague
nsubj(été-3, Marie-1)
nmod(été-3, Paris-5)
case(Paris-5, à-4)
cc(été-3, et-6)
orphan(Marie-1, Miriam-7)
case(Prague-9, à-8)
orphan(Paris-5, Prague-9)

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