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This page pertains to UD version 2.

orphan: connecting orphaned arguments of elided predicate

The orphan relation is used to provide a satisfactory treatment of certain instances of ellipsis (in the case of gapping and stripping, where a predicational or verbal head gets elided).

Pavel si objednal hovězí a Markéta vepřové . \n Pavel himself ordered beef and Markéta pork .
nsubj(objednal, Pavel-1)
nsubj(ordered, Pavel-10)
obj(objednal, hovězí)
obj(ordered, beef)
conj(objednal, Markéta-6)
conj(ordered, Markéta-15)
orphan(Markéta-6, vepřové)
orphan(Markéta-15, pork)
cc(Markéta-6, a)
cc(Markéta-15, and)

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