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This page pertains to UD version 2.

orphan: orphaned dependent in gapping, attached to the promoted orphan

The orphan relation is used to provide a treatment of ellipsis (in the case of gapping and stripping, where a predicational or verbal head gets elided). In particular, orphan aims to provide analyses that do not postulate empty nodes.

Maija meni Pariisiin ja Mirja Prahaan \n Maija went to Paris and Mirja to Prague
nsubj(meni-2, Maija-1)
obl(meni-2, Pariisiin-3)
conj(meni-2, Mirja-5)
cc(Mirja-5, ja-4)
orphan(Mirja-5, Prahaan-6)


FinnTreeBank (FI_FTB) does not apply the relation orphan. Instead, in elliptical cases the relation conj has been chosen to correspond to its correlate in a preceding clause.

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