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This page pertains to UD version 2.

DET: determiner

DET: determiner


Determiners are words that modify nouns or noun phrases and express the reference of the noun phrase in context. Ιt is possible to replace a single determiner (that seems to function like a pronoun PRON) with a synonymous full noun phrase. They are often used to modify a noun phrase rather than replacing it.

The traditional grammar of Modern Greek does not specify the category “determiner”; rather it specifies definite and indefinite articles, adjectives and pronouns.

The label DET is assigned to the two articles, certain traditional adjectives (and their comparatives) and to a set of pronouns.


The preposition από is sometimes used not as such but rather to ensure distributive readings; in these cases it is assigned the PoS DET: Για τις θέσεις 1 και 2 υπήρξε από ένας υποψήφιος for the positions 1 and 2 existed from one.NOM candidate.NOM `there was a different candidate for each of the positions 1 and 2’

Most of Modern Greek determiners inflect for el-feat/Gender, el-feat/Number and el-feat/Case. They tend to inflect like adjectives, in particular because they often have three genders. They agree in gender, number and case with the nouns they modify. The determiners κάτι / kati “some”, κάθε / kathe “every”, τίποτα/ε / tipota/e “nothing/anything” do not inflect.


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