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This page pertains to UD version 2.

DET: determiner


Determiners are words that modify nouns or noun phrases and express the reference of the noun phrase in context. That is, a determiner may indicate whether the noun is referring to a definite or indefinite element of a class, to a closer or more distant element, to an element belonging to a specified person or thing, to a particular number or quantity, etc.

In Bulgarian the definite article is part of the word, thus it is not considered as determiner.

However, the following pronouns are mapped to determiners:

Note that the attributive usages (#a#) and possessive attributive usages (#p#) go directly into DET category, while entities (#e#) can be either determiners or pronouns. The possessive pronouns (Ps#) are mapped with only their long forms (#l#). The short forms are clitics and will be treated as PRON.


Note that the symbol `#’, used in the Universal POS section indicates a holder for arbitrary number of features, suppressed in the respective tag as irrelevant in the BulTreeBank tagset, when mapped to the Universal one.

The symbol `@’ marks the suppresion with one feature in the tag.

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