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This page pertains to UD version 2.

DET: determiner


Determiners are words that modify nouns or noun phrases and express the reference of the noun phrase in context. Like adjectives, Italian determiners typically agree with the noun they modify for gender and number, e.g. questo libro “this book” (masculin singular), i libri “the books” (masculin plural), la carta “the paper” (feminine singular).

In Italian, usually a nominal allows for one DET modifier only, with the following exceptions:

Corresponding language-specific part-of-speech tags:

RD: Definite article

RI: Indefinite article

DE: Exclamative determiner

DI: Indefinite determiner

DQ: Interrogative determiner

DR: Relative determiner

DD: Demonstrative determiner

T: Predeterminer

AP: Possessive adjective


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