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This page pertains to UD version 2.

DET: determiner


Determiners (or pro-adjectives) are words that modify nouns or noun phrases and express the reference of the noun phrase in context. That is, a determiner may indicate whether the noun is referring to a definite or indefinite element of a class, to a closer or more distant element, to an element belonging to a specified person or thing, to a particular number or quantity, etc.

An important point to note is that the traditional grammar of Czech does not define determiners as a separate word class. Czech does not have articles. Most determiners are traditionally called pronouns; that is, an UD-conformant annotation of Czech must distinguish between substantive pronouns (UD tag PRON) and attributive pronouns (UD tag DET).

Also note that the DET tag includes (pronominal) quantifiers (words like mnoho, málo  “many, few”), which the traditional grammar classifies as a special subclass of numerals. However, cardinal numerals in the narrow sense (jeden, pět, sto) are not tagged DET even though some authors would include them in quantifiers. Cardinal numbers have their own tag NUM.

Conversion from the Prague Dependency Treebank

Since the PDT tagset (like all other Czech tagsets) does not distinguish substantive and attributive pronouns, morphological tags alone are not enough to find the correct universal POS tag. Morphological rules could help, as the inflection patterns of some pronouns bear similarities to adjectival inflection (especially the ability to inflect for gender). Unlike in UD v1, we no longer use the dependency tree to distinguish between determiners and pronouns. Instead, we use a pre-defined list of lemmas that are DET if their PDT tag indicates pronoun. See also here for a Slavic-wide discussion of the distinction between determiners and pronouns.



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