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This page pertains to UD version 2.

NumType: numeral type

In English, numerical expressions such as cardinal and ordinal numbers have a NumType feature.

Card: cardinal number

Cardinal numbers with the PTB tag CD. This includes dozen, hundred, thousand, million, billion (and abbreviations thereof) in the singular, as they can be used as prenominal quantity modifiers (a hundred books). It also includes specific numeric quantities regardless of orthography; and times, years, dates, phone numbers, and other numeric entities indicated with non-ordinal spellings.


Ord: ordinal number

Ordinal numbers with UPOS of ADJ (the 3rd book), ADV (the 3rd tallest), or NOUN (for dates, e.g. July 3rd or the 3rd).

Note that second is ambiguous, and does not receive this feature in the temporal unit sense.


Mult: multiplicative numbers


The following adverbs with the PTB tag RB:

Frac: fractional numbers

These are most often tagged with UPOS of NOUN, because they generally need of to link to the quantified item/set. Exceptions:

(Full fractions expressed with a slash are generally tokenized: 2 / 3. Because the notion of fractionality can be attributed to the slash rather than the individual numbers, the feature is not used here.)


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