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This page pertains to UD version 2.

NUM: numeral


A numeral is a word, functioning most typically as a determiner, adjective or pronoun, that expresses a number and a relation to the number, such as quantity, sequence, frequency or fraction.

The NUM tag is used for digit numerals (3 / 3.), roman numerals (III / III.), cardinal word numerals (tri “three”) and generic numerals (troje “three sets of”).

Other word types expressing a number or a relation to a number in Slovenian are marked as adjectives (tretji “the third”, trojen “triple”, trikraten “threefold”), adverbs (trikrat “three times”, tretjič “the third time”) or nouns (tretjina “a third”, trojica “triplet”, trojka “number three”).


Conversion from JOS

The following numerals are converted to NUM: numerals with Form=digit; numerals with Form=roman; numerals with Form=letter and Type=cardinal; numeral with Form=letter, Type=pronominal and lemma en or eden; and numerals with Form=letter, Type=special and lemma not ending in -en.

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