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This page pertains to UD version 2.

NUM: numeral


A numeral is a word, functioning most typically as a determiner, adjective or pronoun, that expresses a number and a relation to the number, such as quantity, sequence, frequency or fraction.

Cardinal numerals are convered by NUM, which are tagged with suffix(numeral) 名詞-普通名詞-助数詞可能 or 助数詞, and noun(numeral) / 名詞-数詞 in UniDic, including Kanji expressions (e.g. 二十 “20”, 六万 “60,000”).

Note that each numeral in UniDic SUW delimitation is split into one or more word units based on the number of units, (e.g. 二千十四 “2014” is split into three words, _二千 “2000”,  “10” and  “4”). However, we concatenate them into one word (e.g. _二千十四 “2014”) in UD Japanese delimitation.



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