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This page pertains to UD version 2.

advcl: adverbial clause modifier

An adverbial clause modifier is a clause which modifies a verb or other predicate (adjective, etc.), as a modifier not as a core complement. This includes things such as a temporal clause, consequence, conditional clause, purpose clause, etc. The gerundive phrase is a particular case of the clause of such type. The dependent must be clausal (or else it is an advmod) and the dependent is the main predicate of the clause.

Если вы знаете , кто это сделал , вы должны сказать учителю . \n If you know , who this did , you have to-tell the-teacher .
advcl(должны, знаете)
advcl(have, know)
Он спешил , чтобы прийти вовремя . \n He rushed , in-order-to come in-time .
advcl(спешил, прийти)
advcl(rushed, come)
Мой сын вернулся , прихрамывая . \n My son came-in limping .
advcl(вернулся, прихрамывая)
advcl(came-in, limping)

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